Top Vancouver Home Staging Company

Miix Interiors is a family owned and operated home staging and interior design company since 2010. Staged over thousands of houses and condos in the Greater Vancouver area, we quickly transform any space into a warm and inviting home for buyers. Whether you are a realtor, developer or home owner, you will be able to maximize the value of your property and quickly turn a listing to a sale. We are the simple solution to sell your home!

Why MIIX Interiors

Efficient Team

Time and efficiency are invaluable in the real estate industry. The combination of our experienced design team and streamlined staging process allows Miix to complete a project within 24 hours from initial consultation to a beautifully staged home.

Exceptional Quality

Miix is constantly expanding our collection of furniture and home accessories  to keep our inventory up to date with the latest trends. From modern penthouses to classical heritage homes, Miix is ready to embrace your needs and showcase your property to its full potential.

Amazing Value

91% of the homes staged by Miix are sold in one month or less. With our unique services, you will be able to maximize the value of your property and quickly turn a listing into a sale.  Miix provides multiple service packages to best fit your personal method of selling a home

Home Staging Process

  • Free Consultation
  • Design & Prep
  • Staging Process

Once scheduled a site visit, our designers spend 15-30 minutes on site proposing a rough idea of colour schemes and furniture style. We will discuss with our clients their needs and schedule. 

Our designers select items from furniture, artwork, rugs, lightings and accessories from the massive inventory in our 15,000 sqft warehouse.

With our large design team, one project takes about 1-2 hours on site from unloading to staging completion. Then your property is now market-ready!


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