Interior Design

Whether it’s a stylish micro-loft in Yaletown or a 5, 000 sqft home in beautiful North Vancouver, we’re here to ensure your home reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. We take care of everything, from space planning, millwork design, color palettes, material selection, to buying and arranging furniture, all tailored to fit your space, your time, and your budget.   

Instant Homes

Are you a builder, developer or investor? Do you need a personalized show home or B&B done quickly? Miix provides you the taste and experience of our interior designers without the burden of collaborating on every choice. We install and furnish your property in less than a week, and most importantly, at your budget.

Furniture Sale

Furnishing your new place or updating some items in your place? You can buy our furniture and accessories from any display homes we stage. We also have a massive collection of new and used furniture and accessories for sale at our 15000 soft warehouse. Book your appointment for a private showroom visit.

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